Introducing Personal Medical Apps

I recently blogged about pApp that lets doctors create mobile apps for their patients without knowing anything about mobile app development. They just choose the functions (bundles) the app should have such as logging blood pressure or medications and the patient can download the app right away. I received a significant amount of questions and requests about that on Twitter and other channels so I thought I would ask for a bit more pieces of details from the developers.


pApp consists of:

  • a web platform to create your own medical apps, even share them with the community.
  • a mobile phone app to use the app and gather data.
  • a profound back-end solution called ‘The Cortex’, on par with the latest standards and protocols used in healthcare (HL7, DICOM) to store, show and share data.
  • a complete set of APIs to connect to external platforms, wearables and sensors.
  • a portal for patients and HCPs to view results in an understandable way.
  • a scientifically backed-up validation process for the content of the apps.
  • a quality mark and/or CE-certification where appropriate.
  • an Implementation Team to make it actually work in a hospital.

It could serve e-patients, medical professionals, pharma companies, insurance companies and hospitals as well. Let me know if you would like to get connected to the developers.