Internet in Medicine Week 8: New Media in Medicine and Education 2.0

I launched the world’s first elective course at a medical university focusing on web 2.0 and medicine for medical students in 2008. Now this is the 4th semester and the 8th week was dedicated to new media in medicine and education 2.0. Here is the outline of my presentations.

First slideshow: New Media in Medicine

[slideshare id=411360&doc=lifehacks-for-doctors-v2-1210986343576477-8]


Take-home message: Make your online work as efficient and time-saving as possible.

Second slideshow: Education 2.0

  • What we have to face: lack of inspiration (educators) and lack of motivation (students)
  • But we can find motivation and inspiration online
  • e.g. Ted Talks – Ken Robinson
  • Why? We’re changing (students, even children use different communication channels) – Vision of students;
  • We’re digital natives, Generation Z.
  • Many examples, statistics about the problems with education
  • “If you want to teach me, you first have to reach me”
  • Wikipedia,, mind mapping, Exam General, slideshare, Second Life simulations,, twitter, friendfeed, and many more examples students can use in their studies

Take-home message: The web is full of educational resources. Use them wisely.