Internet in Medicine University Course: Social Media in Healthcare

The 7th week of my Internet in Medicine university course was dedicated to healthcare in social media and also collaboration online.

First slideshow: Healthcare in social media

  • What is social media, web 2.0 and the difference between them
  • Focusing on 3 topics:
  • 1) hospitals in social media

[slideshare id=1959521&doc=masterpresentation-090906125826-phpapp01]

Lee Aase’s slideshow about Mayo Clinic

[slideshare id=2006723&doc=0909leeaasepresentation-090916105242-phpapp02]

  • 2) doctors promoting practices via social media
  • Describing Hello Health
  • Why doctors can organize their practices properly?
  • Homepage = reputation
  • 3) science 2.0
  • problems with impact factors and presenting article level metrics

Take-home message: Doctors, hospitals and scientists use social media for different purposes. Find your strategy and the proper tools.

Second slideshow: Collaboration Online

  • Collaboration so far: mails, e-mails, back and forth, etc.
  • Now: (how to edit, open, save, publish, etc)
  • What kind of offline tools we have to substitute online?
  • Table = wiki
  • White board = Twitter
  • Notes = Google Docs
  • Talk = Skype
  • And many more: Google Groups, blogs, Friedfeed rooms,,…
  • Sharing examples: writing manuscripts with Google Docs; finding collaborators on, etc.

Take-home message: There are no boundaries of collaboration any more.