Internet in Medicine University Course: Semester is over

I believe that this is still the first and only university accredited course in the world that focuses on social media and medicine for medical, dentistry, pharmacy and public health students. This semester is just over after 10 weeks, 20 slideshows and hundreds of questions from the students. They also filled in surveys before and after the course. I plan to publish the results in a peer-reviewed journal early next year.

Thank you for the participation and the comments, questions, I hope you (both in the course and through the blog) enjoyed the lectures. See you next February when the new semester will be launched.

The last week was dedicated to the future of web, semantic search and the survey results:

First part of the slideshow: Life after web 2.0

Take-home message: The story is just about to begin…

Second part of the slideshow: Summary of the last 10 weeks

  • 10 weeks – 20 slideshows
  • 2 slideshows each week
  • 2 major questions in each slideshow
  • Examples for all the tools and sites we have talked about. Many many examples.
  • This is the first university credit course of its kind in the world.

Take-home message: I hope I could help you on your way towards web 2.0…

Lectures this semester: