Internet in Medicine: 2000 vs 2010

Whenever I talk about using social media in medicine to doctors, they seem to think there are more cons than pros regarding this issue. Well, I like reminding them about some major differences between 2000 and nowadays.

What would I do if in 2000 Now
I need clinical answer Try to find a collegue who knows it Post a question on Twitter
I want to hear patient story about a specific condition Try to find a patient in my town Read blogs, watch Youtube
I want to be up-to-date Go to the library once a week Use RSS and follow hundreds of journals
I want to work on a manuscript with my team We gather around the table Use Google Docs without geographical limits

Here is what Web, MD looked like in 2000 and what it looks like now:

Web MD in 2000
Web MD today

The same for the website of the British Medical Journal:

BMJ in 2000
BMJ today

CNN in 2002
CNN today, the physician network: in 2006 today

Healthline: in 2000 today

Mayo Clinic:

Mayo Clinic in 2000
Mayo Clinic today

There is a long road behind us and just imagine how these services will look like in 10 years time. Which means, obviously, there is an even longer road ahead of us. We must keep on working hard to design a better healthcare and to implement more efficient communication channels in medicine.

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