Improvements in Ask Dr Wiki

Some weeks ago, I had a post about Ask Dr Wiki, the medical wiki created for and by physicians. It contains medical articles which are irrelevant for laypeople, but really valuable for physicians. I suggested several improvements, let’s see how many of them were answered:

  • Better logo: here it is!


  • Many more editors: this medical wiki had 43 users, now has 136!
  • Help namespace: done!
  • Improving new categories: the pharmacology category is strongly expanding.
  • Recent changes special page on the main page: still missing.
  • A proper page for the required credentials: under construction.
  • Improving the blog: it’s getting better and better with more posts about the project itself.

Please join to create a great Wikipedia article on AskDrWiki. I’ve already started a sketch. I think that the Cleveland physicians who are the pioneers of medicine 2.0 are still doing an exceptional job (kudos to Brian Jefferson, Ken Civello and Ves Dimov).

My posts on the subject:

Further reading: