Huge Steps in Changing Science

Even if I will have the last exam in medical school in August, I’ve already started PhD in genetics and I’m about to finish my first manuscript so I have to face some scientific publishing issues nowadays.  Here are 3 things that might change the future of scientific publishing.

  • Journal Finder: It’s extremely hard to determine which journal you should send your manuscript to. ResearchGATE just came up with a solution, the Journal Finder. You insert keywords or your entire abstract and it gives you some tips on which journal to contact.

journal finder

  • Article of the Future by The Cell: A new structure for scientific articles with integrated audio and video interview; real-time reference analyses, clickable areas on figures, etc.

cell future article

  • Article-Level Metrics at PLoS: The metric should be the article (new concept at PLoS), and not the source (Impact factors work like that) as scientists want their work to be judged by the quality of the publication and not by the journal it was published in. Real-time incoming link and citations.

plos metric