How Science 2.0 and Open Access Really Work

Last week, I wrote about publishing my first paper in PhD (Peripheral blood gene expression patterns discriminate among chronic inflammatory diseases and healthy controls and identify novel targets) and I said publishing in an open access journal was a real priority for us because we really wanted to get feedback from the scientific communities. So let’s see where I shared that paper:

  1. and also my Hungarian medical blog (
  2. Twitter and Friendfeed
  3. ResearchGATE

And let’s see what happened after that:

  • The paper now is the most viewed one in the last 30 days in BMC Medical Genomics.
  • It received the “Highly accessed” badge
  • I received many e-mails with relevant questions and I had interesting discussions on Twitter (actually found some collegues who work in the same field)
  • I got invitations for collaboration from several international labs.

Before you’d ask, yes, I think it’s because we chose an open access journal. It costs a lot but is really worth it.

What is your story?