How do smartphones impact healthcare: Report

EPG Health Media published a comprehensive and interesting report on smartphone use in healthcare (How do smartphones impact healthcare professionals and infuence the way they practice?) which is actually a great comparison between Europe and the United States.

340 doctors from all medical specialties filled the online questionnaire consisting of 23 multiple choice type questions. I had a chance to take a deeper look into the report and the differences between Europe and the US are quite astonishing (US physicians seem to be more active and open to using smartphones in their practices). One example:

Does your smartphone help you diagnose?

An excerpt from the conclusion:

In the European healthcare arena, the potential for mobile devices – in particular ‘smartphones’ – presents a tantalising opportunity for hardware and application developers alike. Publishers of health information and pharma marketers who cling to print and online mediums will inevitably lose share of voice to those who embrace mobile technology to serve this burgeoning audience.

The US market – comparative early adopters of smartphone technology driven by the BlackBerry and Palm revolution of 10 years ago or more – appears close to saturation (81% of US respondent doctors already own a smartphone device with ownership set to grow to 94% within 6 months).

Unsurprisingly, European doctors trail US colleagues in their views regarding the benefits in diagnosis, drug choice and patient management, but this can only be viewed as temporary and driven by the lack of suitable Apps and services for the market, not a lack of will by the doctor.