HealthTap: Hunch-Style in Medicine

I’ve recently come across HealthTap, a new service that aims to give us personalized health information based on our answers for various questions. Currently it only works for pregnant women and the first year of life but they will open up the site for more conditions later. An excerpt from an article:

The idea behind HealthTap isn’t to help visitors self-diagnose that ache in their side or that lump under their skin, Gutman emphasizes—it’s simply to help connect them with trusted physicians and prepare them to ask smarter questions when they get to the doctor’s office. “We are not building technology to replace physicians, but to empower patients to find information in collaboration with physicians,” says the CEO. In fact, a big part of the site is devoted to Facebook-like profiles for individual physicians, who can answer questions and upload short health tips. Users can contact doctors directly through the site, and doctors can refer patients to their pages on the site for supplemental information—which turns HealthTap into a combination lead-generation engine and pamphlet counter for medical practices. In an essay for Forbes, published yesterday, Gutman calls the site a harbinger of a new era of “interactive health.”