Health 2.0 Paris: Presenting

I was honored to be invited to present and PeRSSonalized Medicine via a live demonstration at Health 2.0 Paris (6-7 April). Many thanks to Denise Silber, Indu Subaiya, Lizzie Dunklee and Matthew Holt for organizing this great event.

The wonderful venue was the Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris:

First, to be honest, I don’t like the demo format. Presenting your product/site/service in 3.5 minutes is only enough to show some subpages but it’s impossible to transmit a message. When I’m invited to speak at a conference, of course, I use to show medical social media examples, and also present Webicina, but I like to transmit a message as well.

Second, the differences between US services and European ones are striking. In Europe, we deal with local, isolated initiatives while one big idea can reach millions of people in the US. We, Europeans, have to deal with the serious language barriers.  In many countries here, the regulations, the attitude of governments and the needs of patients are totally different, while in the US it’s more or less similar.

Third, I had  a chance to talk about Webicina with the chief strategist of Google Health, Roni Zeiger; also with managers and founders of sites such as Healthline, HONcode, 3M Healthcare or and my impression is Europe is ahead of the US in some aspects (e.g. mobile health, isolated examples in the Netherlands, Denmark or Spain) and vica versa (community sites, online medical practices).

It was interesting that the founder of Sermo, the biggest US medical community site has never heard about, one of the biggest UK communities.

In the next few weeks, I will present some of the services and ideas I came across at Health 2.0.

The welcome video and presentation of the organizers:

[vimeo 10791705]

[slideshare id=3739983&doc=health2-0europepresentationforpublic-100415172827-phpapp01]