Health 2.0 News: From Blekko to Cellphones saving lives

  • Blekko is a new search engine that aims to remove spam content from search results by slashtagging websites.

Free knowledge is the foundation of all Wikimedia projects: anyone is free to use, modify and redistribute the content for any purpose. But copyright and free licenses are very confusing for new users, especially when they want to contribute pictures and other media files. A new illustrated licensing tutorial will now guide new users through the basics of copyright and free licenses to make their first steps easier.

  • Blausen Human Atlas iPad v3.0 New Features

Early iPad adapter, and Oncology Net Guide advisory board member, Don Dizon, MD, FACP, will review the benefits of using the iPad and explore apps that health care professionals might find useful. Dizon will also explain how he has implemented the iPad into his medical practice; initially planning to use the iPad for personal use, the physician now uses it 80% of the time for professional purposes.