Grand rounds is up at Shrink Rap

Grand rounds, the weekly blog carnival of the best of the medical blogosphere is up at Shrink Rap and Scienceroll has been mentioned.

Bertalan Meskó from ScienceRoll shows us a really cool idea in Second Life: the Virtual Medical Center: the Future of Medical Education. Go to medical school online.

Here are my favourite choices of the collection:

Jolie Bookspan from The Fitness Fixer encourages us to Exercise Your Sense of Humor.

PixelRN discusses a poll of Baltimore firefighters/EMS as to which hospital has the hottest nurses. Dinah wants to know which one has the hottest shrinks.

Kevin, M.D. provides tips on improving your search engine reputation (SEO) in Google Yourself. He should know.

Joshua Schwimmer from Tech Medicine provides a 4-part tutorial on medical podcasts, including Intro, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4 (of course, since Dr Schwimmer left out the best psychiatric podcast, My Three Shrinks, his post rates only a B minus, at best 😉 .

Next week, we’re heading towards The Blog That Ate Manhattan.