Google Wave in Science and Medicine

I’m studying pediatrics day and night (last exam in medical school) so I don’t have enough time to take a deeper look at Google Wave, but here are the best posts and articles focusing on the medical and scientific implications of this new project.

Because waves are embeddable through Google’s API, the first logical implementation would be through a patient portal. The potential application of Google Wave as a central communication and collaboration tool for telemedicine practices is clear.

Google Health already has an API available for developers. Google Wave could bring real-time collaboration between physicians and patients to the Google Health platform. Imagine being able to easily insert comments into every line of information in your medical health records. Google Wave could make it much easier for physicians to upload information into Google Health, too. If nothing else, the new application looks to greatly improve the user experience for Google Health users, should developers, whether inside the Googleplex or one of those 4,900 external developers with new Google Wave accounts, take advantage of the opportunity to make Google Health more collaborative.