Google+ in Medicine and Pharma?

There have been some articles and blog entries lately focusing on whether Google+ could be used in medicine or pharma. I’ve been trying to use it more actively in the past couple of days and it’s still a question for me to figure out whether I should separate my professional Facebook and Google+ activities. A few comments from fellow bloggers:

Google+: the ultimate tool for social geeks

My first impressions are enthusiastic. Google+ has enormous potential and can become the future of private and social communication. Fresh and slim design, no gaming distractions, no 140 word limit. Yes, it sets itself between facebook and twitter. There is a necessary condition: people willing to adopt this new tool and even migrate from other platforms. If I really have to say, I think its competing more with facebook, since twitter can be easily synced with Google Buzz, which I have ultimately activated today. In few words Google+ has given me an excellent impression of being a professional and versatile platform.

Could Google+ be Pharma’s Answer to Social Media Marketing?

Google+ may be a lower risk option for pharmaceutical companies.  One of the features of Google+ is that you can easily share your information with select groups of people.  These groups of people are referred to as “circles”.  When you add somebody to your Google+ network, you have the ability to place them in a specific circle.  The default circles are “Friends, Family, Acquaintances, and Following”, but you can also add some new circles as well.   When you share a post or statement, you can then select which circle(s) receive the message, thus eliminating the other circles from seeing your message.

What Google+ means for pharma

Google+, Google’s new social network, currently in Beta, comes at a perfect time for pharma. Pharma firms have been volleying with the idea of social for a while now, dipping their toes in the water at Facebook, creating their own communities, and working with foundations online.

There are always lots of questions. Does pharma want to go there? Will they be accepted if they do? I think Google+ is a great opportunity for pharma to get in on the ground floor.