Google Health: Questions and Questions

Many interesting articles have ruled the medical blogosphere recently. Now, I’d like to collect these and I’d also like this post to serve as a platform for valuable discussions about Google’s possible role in medicine.
DNA Google Logo At Google Kirkland

  • You can read about Dr. Google or Dr. Microsoft at Clinical Cases and Images. According to this post, we’ll not see these improvements before 2008-2009.

I have trusted them with all kinds of my other information (e.g. Google Reader, Google Alert – the editor) – would I trust them with my personal health information? I am still considering it.


Before we get some news about this service, take a look at

We would like to know your opinion! Would you store your personal health information with Google Health? Would you like to be able to find your basic medical information in one place where your doctor can leave you notes/instructions or where you could find your ECGs, X-rays, etc.?