"Get Fit" Twitter Campaign by GE Healthcare

GE Healthcare has recently launched a Twitter-based campaign focusing on health tips against cancer. People can share their own health tips on Twitter by using the #get_fit hashtag that has over 200 country-specific forms. While the initiative is great (that is how a huge company should motivate people to share interesting health tips in order to fight cancer), I think creating multiple hashtags for different countries was a mistake as it might lower the rate of participation (I have to look for my country’s special hashtag first).

That’s why at GE Healthcare we’re running an online initiative to encourage people to “Get Fit” and join the fight against cancer. The “Get Fit” project aims to inspire people all around the world to seek healthier lifestyles by exercising, eating well and engaging in other activities that foster health — and share their choices using Twitter.

Game on! We’re hosting a global competition to see which continent’s population can “Get Fit” fastest. The more people who tweet about how they are getting fitter, using their country’s designated “Get Fit” hashtag (see below), the faster the cells hovering over their continent (Asia, Europe, North America, South America, Australasia, and the Middle East and Africa) will turn from “risky red” to “healthy green” on the competition’s interactive map. The continent that “goes green” fastest wins.