Genome Medicine: New Journal from Biomed Central

I added Genome Medicine Journal to the new free medical information tracking tool of Webicina, PeRSSonalized Medicine yesterday so it’s time to say a few words about it.

Genome Medicine is an online peer-reviewed journal which publishes open access research articles of outstanding quality in all areas of medicine studied from a genomic or post-genomic perspective. The journal will have a special focus on the latest technologies and findings that impact on the understanding and management of human health and disease.

In addition to publishing high-quality research, Genome Medicine serves the international research community as a forum for the discussion and critical review of information about all areas of medicine informed by genomic research.

Subjects include, but are not limited to:

  • Significant advances in the understanding of the genetics, genomics, and epigenetics of disease
  • Computational and systems approaches, including proteomics, metabolomics and transcriptomics, to the understanding and management of disease
  • Genomic epidemiology and public health genomics
  • The application of genomic and post-genomic technologies to clinical practice, with special emphasis on diagnostics and therapeutics
  • Personalized medicine
  • Ethical, social and legal issues relating to genomic medicine and personalized medicine


This is the journal that provides content I feel totally close to my heart. So why you should follow it? It has an illustrious editorial board and some incredibly interesting articles such as:

Just to mention a few examples.

Here is the RSS feed of the latest articles.