Genetic Companies in Trouble in California

Months before, Steve and I, we both said it would happen. And now look at this announcement:

The California Department of Public Health has issued notices to 13 laboratories to cease and desist performing genetic testing for California residents until the laboratories meet the requirements specified in state law.  Any laboratory offering genetic tests to California residents must be licensed as a clinical laboratory in California. The tests must be ordered by a licensed physician and validated.  Tests for paternity and genealogy are not subject to these laws.

Just an example from one of the letters:

23andMe must immediately Cease and Desist offering genetic tests to citizens of California until a license has been issued by the Department. Any advertising for genetic services, whether it be in written word or by internet, must clearly state that this testing is prohibited for California residents. 23andMe shall not take any unsolicited requests for genetic tests from California residents.

Genetic tests are not funny or interesting products, but tools in the hands of qualified physicians who know what genomic medicine is about.

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