Gene Genie #24 at biomarker-driven mental health 2.0

The 24th edition is up at biomarker-driven mental health 2.0. Many thanks to John Fossella for hosting Gene Genie!

It’s the blog carnival of genes and gene-related diseases. Our plan is to cover the whole genome before 2082 (it means 14-15 genes every two weeks). We accept articles on the news of genomics and clinical genetics. The news and articles of personalized genetics are also included. Check out Gene Genie for more about this unique field of medicine.

Many thanks to Ricardo Vidal for the logo!

The 25th issue of Gene Genie will be hosted by The Gene Sherpa on February 17. Don’t forget to submit your articles via the official page.

If you would like to host Gene Genie, please choose a date in April.

Here are all the issues of Gene genie: