Gene Genie #23: Paradise of Genomics

Is it a paradise? You can decide after going through all the submitted articles. It’s my pleasure to host the newest edition of Gene Genie, the blog carnival of clinical genetics and personalized medicine.

Many thanks to Ricardo Vidal for the logo!

Let’s start with some clinical genetics-related news:

Terra Sigillata talks about the genetics of autism. Don’t forget to check out the comments as well!

Walter Jessen at Highlight Health focuses on the genetics of panic disorder.

I must agree with the opinion of Misha Angrist at Genomeboy: God forbid an Alzheimer’s diagnosis ever bums anyone out.

Elaine Warburton at Genetics and Health shares a new finding with us: Genetic manipulation ‘fixes’ Fragile X syndrome

I’m pretty optimistic as we can see some steps forward in clinical genetics.
We should move on now and focus on the genes!

Ramūnas Janavičius at Cancer-Genetics comes up with a series on breast cancer, the complexity of BRCA genes and COBRA.

Yann Klimentidis features ACTN3 which is an important gene for bodybuiders and powerlifters.

Sandra Porter at Discovering Biology in a Digital World hunts for huntingtin, the gene of Huntington disease.

BabyLab describes p53 & microRNA.


The next section is dedicated to the scientific and other aspects of human genetics:

Larry Moran at Sandwalk features the human genetic variation “Breakthrough”.

Flags and Lollipops dreams about a super-semantic-web-enabled phenotype database.

On Scienceroll, I provided some more tips on how to search for genetic conditions.

Jason Bobe at The Personal Genome is not too happy about the shortage of physician-geneticists in the United States.

And the friends of Simon Greenhill would use mtDNA to predict population size.


The last section belongs to my favourite topic, personalized medicine:

Lygeia Ricciardi at Project Healthdesign presents the Best Practices for Employers Offering PHRs.

Hsien-Hsien Lei at Eye on DNA shares the first personal genome results from 23andMe and deCODEme with us.

Corpus Callosum focuses on a really important subject: Genetic Testing for Antidepressant Medication Response.

Steve Murphy, the gene sherpa, says some words about his genetic company, Helix Health.

Deepak Singh at Business|Bytes|Gene|Molecules writes really deep-minded posts these days, the one I chose now is Your Personal Health: A little warning.

Blaine Bettinger at The Genetic Genealogist points out an interesting service, myDNAchoice – Are Your Surfing Habits the Result of Your Genome?

If you are a regular reader of Scienceroll and have seen some of my past editions, you know what is coming next. Yes, the finish with a funny genetics-related video, a rap about chromosomal mutations:

The 24th issue of Gene Genie will be hosted by Biomarker-driven mental health 2.0 on the 20th of January. Don’t forget to submit your articles via the official page.

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