From Doctor 2.0 to Patient 2.0: On Video

The Health 2.0 conference was held in San Diego, CA last week and now here are some videos describing the recent improvements and new projects of this special field of medicine.

Check out all the 5 videos here. The list of videos includes:

  • Doctor 2.0

About Jay Parkinson who recently answered some of my questions about being a new kind of physician.


  • On Call and On Line

About the San Francisco On Call Medical Group.


  • Managing Pain

About, a secure online pain management service. (My interview with the founder of the online pain diary)


  • A Second Chance in 2nd Life

About the Heron Sanctuary which is a community of support for all disabled people.

  • Patient 2.0

About the I’m Too Young For This! Cancer Foundation which is a community for for adolescents and young adults who are fighting cancer.

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