From Cyborgs to Nursing Simulations

It’s your brain — you know, that thing that remembers stuff. But because of rapidly evolving information technology, your first impulse was probably to search for the answer on the Internet.

As we become ever more dependent on external sources of memory — using GPS to guide our driving, smartphones to keep our schedules — it’s time to rethink our ideas about what “memory” actually is.

Several weeks after making history with the world’sfirst live-tweeted open heart surgery, Houston’s Memorial Hermann hospital is dusting off its social media chops again.

The plan this time? To live tweet a brain operation performed by one of the world’s foremost neurosurgeons.

It’s the latest — and one of the most extreme — examples of the foul play that takes place on Twitter every day. Although we often tout the benefits of social media for hospitals and health-related businesses, the healthcare social media community isn’t immune to the spamming and scamming part of it too.