Fitness and Web 2.0: The Collection

Empowered patients have been sharing different health parameters such as sleeping habits, diets, blood pressure, etc. with each other  in San Francisco for years. I’m talking about Quantified Self, one of the most interesting health-related projects ever. This and other similarly outstanding fitness tools and solutions are collected in Webicina’s Fitness and Web 2.0 guide.

Quantified Self

Let’s see other examples as well. Here is Weight Watchers, a community site for those who would like to lose weight by the help of others. They have been assisting millions of people for 45 years.


There are plenty of Youtube channels focusing on fitness, but Exercise TV is one of the best ones:

Regarding fitness podcasts, I should mention Geekfit that helps geeks and other like minded people in the area of fitness.

GeekFit Podcast

In the world of fitness blogs, Yoni Freedhoff manages a great blog focusing on obesity medicine.

Weighty Matters Blog

When it comes to medical search engines, WolframAlpha lets you compute body-mass index or how much calorie you can burn during different types of exercises.

WolframAlpha Search

You can find hundreds of examples on Fitness and Web 2.0. We also help you follow the best fitness blogs, journals, news sites and Twitter users on PeRSSonalized Fitness: