Facebook for Scientists: Going Live

Can ResearchGATE become a Facebook for researchers? We will get an answer soon because they are now going live.

Launching this Friday, May 23, researchgate.net changes the picture by offering international networking technology to scientists of all disciplines. It is the world’s first platform of its kind and features numerous technological highlights that simplify research cooperation. Signing up for the service takes just seconds. Registered users of the free-of-charge platform can present their research work in a personal profile, exchange messages and build groups for peer-to-peer discussions. Search engines allow easy access to specific topics and conversations. Researchers from around the world with similar interests can be immediately identified and contacted.

Scientific links are listed in a database that is primarily updated by users, and can be evaluated on their quality. Conferences and workshops can be entered and discussed in an events area. Additional applications, like an integrated voice-over IP system enabling virtual conferencing, are planned.

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