Evidence Based Social Media: News

Here are a few papers and publications focusing on how social media can be used in medicine, healthcare and science. These represent the evidence-based approach in social media:

Best clinical practice means being up to date with the latest research, trials, guidelines and patient perspectives. Recent developments in the Internet, specifically Web 2.0 and its tools offer numerous opportunities for the doctor to keep up to date with all types of information, from professional news to the latest clinical research. Many clinicians are time-poor, and may not have had the opportunity to learn about newer technological innovations, or to understand how they can be used to save clinician’s time and energy, while making information management more efficient. In this paper we will examine Web 2.0, including the use of RSS, and suggest a number of different websites that offer free access to nephrology news.

To identify mechanisms for the impact of visual media use on adolescents’ school performance.  CONCLUSIONS: These aspects of visual media use adversely affect school performance by increasing sensation seeking, substance use, and school problem behavior.