Emergency Training in Second Life

Everybody must know what basic life support means. This virtual tool may help you to learn more about such an important procedure.

Now I’ve got a huge list of useful Second Life medical sites and islands on Webicina, but here is the newest addition.  The Italian Resuscitation Council (IRC) is starting to explore the possibilities to use Second Life like an environment for training. To teleport there, click here.


Excerpt from their mission statement:

One of the great advantages of Second Life environment is the possibility to create various training simulations, improving and testing teamwork, leadership, and technical skills. Simulations can be used simultaneously by a group of trainees connected from world different locations.

IRC headquarters in SL should became a place were instructors can be trained and re-trained. We are planning to build a CPR training platform in SL to maintain and update knowledge after a traditional BLSD course. Finally, IRC headquarters would become a site where avatars/layperson can afford to the cardiac arrest prevention knowledge and basic life support information.


It’s also possible to organize meetings at this great place.