A new network for physicians is the newest addition to my list of biomedical community sites (containing 34 items now). It’s an exclusive social net for physicians that was founded by Michael Kamleitner and Lukas Zinnagl in 2008, according to the FAQ page.


Such a community has to fight two major problems:

1) The lack of participation: There are more and more communities online, but none of them could achieve serious participation from scientists and doctors from around the world. I’m curious to see how will try to solve this problem.

2) How to make sure only physicians register: Users must provide credentials or use license number or use the method of

Doctrs is currently only accepting E-Mail adresses of various selected hospitals and clinics, mainly in German, Austria and Switzerland. If you feel your hospital or practice is missing then please do not hesitate to drop us an inquiry to integate your E-mail adress at

Currently we are only serving selected number of hospitals and clinics. Due to the amount of worldwide Universities, Clinics and private practices we are not able to include all of them. If yours is missing please do not hesitate to drop us an e-mail at and your place of work, respectively its e-mail adress will be granted access

Good luck, guys!