Doctors should Google themselves?

I just found a post at Kevin, MD about Google:

As the world becomes indexed via search engines like Google, online reputation becomes important – especially for health care providers. Patients are likely going to Google you as a quick screen, whether you like it or not.

DNA Google Logo At Google Kirkland

I’m not a doctor yet, but I googled myself just for fun. Here are the first results:

  1. Scienceroll
  2. Medscape interview
  3. David Rothman’s comment on the interview
  4. My Twitter account
  5. My Textop Wiki account
  6. the Nature Medicine article about my Wikipedia work
  7. My RSS News at

Then many blogs, issues of Grand rounds, all of them are linking to me. But where are my Hungarian medical blog or my Wikipedia account?

If you google yourself, do you find only relevant information? Would you be satisfied if your boss-to-be saw those results?