Doctors as rockstars? Pharmarep Stories

Pharma reps tend to give free lunches and gifts to doctors whenever they visit them. Well, here is a more than strange story about doctors acting like rockstars:

Even though it’s frowned upon these days for doctors to be getting free lunches from pharmaceutical company sales reps, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t still happen. And at least one medical practice is acting like a real diva about it- specifying everything from what time the food should be delivered to which local eateries are do’s and don’ts. Journalist Ed Silverman’s Pharmalot blog has posted a memo from a Baltimore practice that reads “like a rider for a concert tour”, as one commenter put it.

And just one more quote from a  commenter:

When I dated one surgeon, and was living with another, I was often invited to dinners with pharm reps. Hell, I was on their rolodex when they came through town and called me even when my friends weren’t in town.

The only problem was, I wasn’t a physician…if they called my Dr. XXXX, I’d simply say I Prefer To Be Called XXXX. Never even asked what my specialty was…these guys were like the ultimate spammers…but with food and perks. They’d ask me if it was against my offices policy to accept ‘gifts’, and I’d state Not If They Don’t Find Out…I once had someone ask for my license number so they could give free samples, and I stated I can’t accept those (which I couldn’t…didn’t have a license!) but I got cash instead, so it meant I didn’t have to sell off psychopharms to friends.

Do you remember the video on which doctors people fought for pharma gifts? Well, now this is not so surprising.

Update: Here is  video from a medical conference:

[vimeo 7876048]