Doctors 2.0 and You 2012: Event of the Year

Just like last year, I was a keynote speaker again at the recent Doctors 2.0 and You, the event of the year in the medicine 2.0/health 2.0 space. This year, I came up with a brand new topic: how crowdsourcing helped my way through medical school as a real geek. How crowdsourcing helped me launch and develop that curates medical social media resources and how it helped me develop my digital course about social media in medicine.

As I expected, it was a contentful, informative, interactive conference with all the stakeholders of medicine being represented from e-patients and doctors to nurses and policy makers. Don’t forget to check out the Manifesto and as usual, here are a few photos from my trip.

Cité Universitaire de Paris, the amazing venue was a media partner
Dr. Andrew Macaulay showed us this bag of letters which were used to make captions on video decades ago (he also brought a VHS cassette). Doing this after Dr Larry Chu presented the video course efforts of Stanford University and Francis Mahmud Namouk presented the international medical video service Streaming Well. Nice contrast.
An amazing e-patient panel with Janine Budding – MedicalFacts, Kathi Apostolidis – ePatient, Beate Bartes – Living Without Thyroid and Sarah Kucharski – ePatient
During my keynote focusing on crowdsourcing in medicine.
See you next year in Paris!