Digital Pharma East: Philadelphia, I'm coming

Tomorrow I will fly to Philadelphia to attend and speak at the Digital Pharma East event. This March, I spoke at Digital Pharma Europe and that was one of the best conferences I’ve ever attended so I really look forward to this one. On the 19th, I’ll have an “on stage interview” with the great blogger, Mark Senak from Eye on FDA.

Topics will include:

  • The social media experience in medicine is all over the map. Some institutions are inhibited by regulatory concerns, others by legal. Doctors and patients are moving ahead. Will it ever all even out and if so, how?
  • Physicians have really embraced mobile platforms – but the apps that they seem to be embracing seem aimed at helping them either learn, or talk to each other. Are they primarily communicating with patients or with each other? Isn’t it possible that social media platforms could overload a physician as he tries to communicate with multiple patients?
  • Berci has been a pioneer in the use of virtual platforms to train physicians and to hold conferences. Describe the experience, the platforms and whether or not this is something that can become more widespread.
  • How do you see the eventual development of the semantic web changing the current course of social media and medicine?
  • Discuss digital literacy in medical education and online content curation (i.e.Webicina)

On the 20th, I’ll speak about social media and medicine in the spectacular Prezi format.

The Physician’s Perspective: Hear From One Of The Most “Wired” MDs In All Of Europe

  • Hear why Dr. Mesko believes that medical education and communication between physicians and patients has been and will continue to be revolutionized by the tools and services of Web 2.0
  • Discuss why medical professionals of the 21st century have to be ready to meet the expectations of e-patients and why e-patients will change the way medicine is practiced and healthcare is delivered
  • What Pharma should know about how physicians are using the internet and how they can partner with them in promoting positive outcomes for patients. Also see how the new generation of physicians want the pharma sector to communicate with them through clear and transparent interactions

We will use the #digpharm hashtag on Twitter and I’ll try to blog about the event throughout the week.

See you there!