Digital Pharma East: Day One #digpharm

The first day of Digital Pharma East in Philadelphia is just over and there are so many things I would like to share and I met so many great people. Just a few points summarizing the first day and the people I met:

  • Mark Senak had great questions when he interviewed me on stage about Webicina, my course, Second Life and social media apps in medicine
  • I met Kevin Clauson first since the 2008 Medicine 2.0 Congress in Toronto. He has been running a successful course about web 2.0 at his university
  • I met Len Starnes again who I consider the top voice in pharma 2.0.
  • John Mack presented the Pharmaguy award (a part of the prize was his Hawaii shirt) to Alex Butler who runs the Psorasis 360 Facebook page where comments are not moderated
  • Ian Talmage gave a great presentation by telling his cancer survivor story from the pharma marketing perspective

Some final thoughts:

  • Never thought there could be a conference where the temperature of the lecture hall is below 15 Celsius
  • I saw only one formatted presentation
  • It turned out it’s possible to keep the time and programme even in such a big conference
  • I never thought one could steal a wi-fi router in a medical event
  • I expected to hear more questions from the audience throughout the whole day, but it didn’t happen
  • Sometimes a small group participating in a session leads to more vibrating discussions
  • And the main hall is quite spectacular

Today I will give a prezi slideshow at 16:15 in the plenary session about doctors, e-patients and the pharma sector using social media for a better healthcare.