Dance Your Research Project: Videos of Finalists

Do you remember the Dance Your PhD contest? The Science Dance Match-Up challenge is not a new one but still features really interesting videos.

This experiment began back in October 2008 with a challenge to scientists to interpret their Ph.D. theses in dance form, capture the dances on video, and upload them onto YouTube. Six weeks later, a panel of expert judges chose four winners, hailing from Australia, Germany, Canada, and the United States. (All of them have artistic backgrounds.)

The scientists then passed the baton to the artists. Each scientist was paired with a choreographer. Between November and January, the choreographers studied in depth a peer-reviewed research article from their scientists’ labs. The scientists helped them come to grips with the research and its underlying science. The four choreographers then used that raw scientific material to create a four-part dance called THIS IS SCIENCE.

[vimeo 3939775]

[vimeo 3947364]

[vimeo 3972575]

[vimeo 3972579]