Crowdsourcing Discovery: Success!

In modern science, you have no chance of doing significant research without grant money, but individuals can have great scientific ideas and projects. This is when Rockethub comes into place and people can actually try to crowdsource money for that. Finally, a project just made the required money hours before the deadline.

It is time to experiment with the way we experiment. Using the Internet, we will enable the public to fund and participate in an open model of basic scientific research.

The Web, itself the fruit of curiosity-driven basic research, has transformed every industry and creative endeavor it has touched, promoting collaboration, openness and efficiency. But scientists are stuck in a closed, pre-Internet mindset. We aim to change that.

Who are we, and what do we want to do? For 5 years, Ethan Perlstein’s lab at Princeton University has been developing a new evolutionary approach to studying how drugs work. For nearly 2 decades, David Sulzer’s lab at Columbia Med School has been a leader in the study of how drugs affect the brain.

[vimeo 50738950]