Crowdsource a Medical Challenge: New Feature of The Social MEDia Course

The Social MEDia Course, a series of digital lectures about medicine and social media with tests and gamification, has been a success story since its launch this April and based on the requests from users, we are now happy to introduce new, community-driven features. The reason? Because we believe we can solve problems by learning together.

1) Submit a Question for the Tests!

Users have been sending us amazingly creative questions for the tests which you can take after finishing a lecture, therefore we thought we should let them submit their own questions and let the community decide which questions are suitable for being added to the database of questions. This way the tests will become even more challenging.

2) Crowdsource a Challenge!

We believe challenges related to the medical use of social media can be solved together. If you want to launch a Youtube channel for your practice or start a Twitter account for medical purposes, but do not know how, let’s work it out together as a learning community. Submit the challenge you have to face while using social media for medical purposes and let the community find a solution for that.

We hope you will like these features so then we can prove that learning together is the best solution even in social media and medicine.

As we are in beta version now, we cannot wait to hear your feedback!