Computing Worldwide Health Indicators on WolframAlpha

I’m a big fan of WolframAlpha as it saves me plenty of times and clicks each and every day because it knows what kind of information I’m trying to find. According to the official blog, they just added data on health indicators for more than 200 countries and territories. The sources are obviously the CDC and  the World Health Organization among others.

Data is also now available on specific types of health care personnel, such as physicians, nurses, and dentists, and Wolfram|Alpha can also compute per capita figures for each type of health professional. Check out the figures on midwives in South Africa or dentists in Iceland—or for a particularly interesting view, trying asking about doctors per capita in all countries.

Try comparing medical resources of Cuba and the USA, or contraceptive use in Chad and France. Regional overviews are possible, too: you can view maps and summaries of data on underweight children in Africa and DTP immunization around the world, for example.