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Medical Science Fiction

News From 2037: Women Fired As Her Wearable Indicated Pregnancy Won Court Battle Against Her Employer

A short story about wearable sensors, predictive algorithms and their potential ethical consequences.

Medical Science Fiction

January, 2035: The First Designer Baby Brought To Life

I write short science fiction stories to raise awareness about the massive ethical issues we will have to face when disruptive technologies show their full potential. This way, people can get scared, excited or just initiate discussions about how to prepare for the coming changes in health, disease and life.

Medical Science Fiction

11 Things Star Wars Could Learn From Medical Technology Today

No one can doubt I’m an enthusiastic Star Wars fan. I have a LEGO-Millennium Falcon and the Death Star at home. However, as The Medical Futurist I cannot help but see what medical technologies the episodes featured. 

Medical Science Fiction

HEREDestiny (Science Fiction Short Story)

A story about what our DNA predestines us to be or not to be. What does the code of life mean for us?

Medical Science Fiction

Artificial Decisions (Science Fiction Short Story)

She stared at the holographic screen of her personal communicator. Her future husband was chosen for her. Not by her parents like in some religious countries in the old days. But by Omega, the artificial intelligence algorithm directing the world. It takes every tiny detail into consideration and makes an advantageous decision for everyone. It is the most advanced system ever developed, even more so than our brains. Moreover, it has already started developing itself further.

Medical Science Fiction

Science Fiction Prepares You For Dream Worlds And Ethical Apocalypses

Science fiction is the bridge between what we envision for the far future and what we see in practice today. By showing us the possible dream worlds or living hells, such works of art touch upon the most relevant moral, ethical, social or political issues linked to technological progress.

Healthcare Design Medical Science Fiction

Looking Back At Today’s Healthcare In 2050

I receive many questions after my talks and on my online channels about the not yet visible future. People want to know what healthcare will be like in the next decades. But throwing around predictions will not help us design a better healthcare. Although showing an utopian future of healthcare might do so.