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Health Sensors & Trackers

Preventing Stroke with a Device Thinner than a Business Card: WIWE review

Stroke is a global health problem that can only be fought with prevention. An innovative company developed a tiny gadget called WIWE exactly for these reasons. It is able to measure ECG, blood oxygen level and pulse, while assessing health risks associated with stroke. Here, let me show you my detailed WIWE review.

Health Sensors & Trackers

My Gift Ideas for Christmas: The Best Wearables for Your Loved Ones

Do you struggle with finding the best presents for your friends and family? Let me help you by recommending the best healthcare trackers, sensors and wearables for Christmas!

Health Sensors & Trackers

Why Don’t You Use Technologies to Live Healthier?

The consequences of our unhealthy lifestyles are deadly diseases and the unsustainability of healthcare. It would be wise for everyone to live an active and healthy way of life. Wearables and trackers could help us to get there. So why do you hesitate and why don’t you start using technologies to live healthier today?

Health Sensors & Trackers

How to Choose Wearable Health Sensors?

Let me be crystal clear about wearables. Technology cannot change your lifestyle, only you can do it with good technologies. The right fitness trackers and wearable health sensors can help you achieve your goals by giving you data about your health, so let me show you how to choose the ones that fit your lifestyle and your purposes.

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Our Laziness Kills Healthcare: Technology And Design Help!

Healthcare is unsustainable: the cost of care is rising and there is a shortage of doctors worldwide. But did you know that its biggest cause is our laziness? It basically destroys healthcare. But don’t panic, I’m going to show you what to do in order to save it.

Health Sensors & Trackers Healthcare Design

Healthcare Is Coming Home With Sensors And Algorithms

Instead of futuristic hospital buildings and huge devices, disruptive technologies injected into small, almost invisible objects will set the trends in medicine. Such devices will create smart households bringing healthcare home.

Future of Medicine Health Sensors & Trackers

Elon Musk Will Need a Masterplan in Digital Health Too

Elon Musk has revealed his second Master Plan. In it, he paints a bold future for the transportation and solar industries. Strong visions like Musk’s help advance our technology and civilization – but he will also need a Master Plan for digital health.