My favorite pastime is to imagine how we will live years from now. What will we eat? What will we as interplanetary people worry about? Where will we find peace and how will we connect with each other? So, I often scribble down my thoughts into short tales and ask the question whether that’s a scene I wish […]

ECG wearable manufacturing Alivecor’s Kardiaband was able to detect atrial fibrillation with very high sensitivity according to the latest study of the Cleveland Clinic published early March. When a physician actually helped examine the data, sensitivity reached 99 percent. A second study, conducted by the Mayo Clinic, showed that the ECG device, when paired with […]

Exoskeletons will aid pharma factory workers. 3D printing will allow pharmacies to produce drugs on the spot. Blockchain technologies will help fight counterfeit drugs. These are just bits and pieces, but the entire process of the pharmaceutical supply chain will be affected by disruptive technologies. Let me show you a comprehensive overview how innovations will […]

Health Insurance

Getsafe Personalizes Insurance Through Digital Health

German InsurTech venture, Getsafe, launched its digital health insurance platform. In short, it lets users personalize health coverage on their smartphones.

Medical Science Fiction

News From 2055: Gene Therapy Went Wrong? Mother Dies After Fetus Breaks Out Of Womb

A short story written by Margit Hilland Laerum as part of Dr. Bertalan Meskó’s course: Lessons in Digital Health at Semmelweis University. The dystopic scenario details possible consequences of gene therapies that might make us think about how to prevent ethical issues in time.

Healthcare Policy

New Zealand On The Way To Digital Health

Every stakeholder needs to prepare in time for the waves of technological innovation transforming the medical sector and the pharma industry. Regulators and decision-makers with the right policies could do the most for a swift and smooth transit into the future. New Zealand’s government recognized the challenges and made important steps to facilitate the adoption of digital health.

Artificial Intelligence in Medicine

Artificial Intelligence Predicts Cardiovascular Risk From Retinal Images

Google researchers predicted cardiovascular risk factors not previously thought to be quantifiable in retinal images using artificial intelligence, according to a study published in Nature Biomedical Engineering. Scientists were able to identify risk factors such as age, gender, smoking status, blood pressure and major adverse cardiac events by only looking at the eye.

Future of Pharma

A Short Story About the Future of Pharma

Artificial intelligence, robotics, 3D printing, organs-on-chips, and bioprinting open new horizons for pharma. Let’s peek into the future of drug production with a short story of Brian Mahony and read about what we need to reach such a future in The Medical Futurist’s latest e-book entitled Technologies Shaping the Future of Pharma.

Security & Privacy

What The Hell Is Blockchain And What Does It Mean For Healthcare And Pharma?

Blockchain already earned the buzzword of the year award, so it is high time to address the elephant in the room. Is it really there? If it is, will it really change everything? How will it impact healthcare?

Virtual Reality in Medicine

Digital Pain Reduction Kit Against Chronic Pain

A new digital pain reduction kit was designed in a partnership between Samsung Health, the German pharma giant, Bayer, healthcare start-up appliedVR, the Travelers insurance company and the Cedars Sinai Medical Center, announced Dr. Brennan Spiegel. The set will be tested in a randomized trial to reduce opioids and speed up the return to work after a musculoskeletal injury, he added. The partnership signals confidence in VR’s place in healthcare and the objective to spread around its utilization as widely as possible.