What if healthcare worked as an unseeable fairy mother with a swarm of digital helpers? In the background, many digital tools, smart algorithms, health trackers and wearables would work for your well-being discreetly, you could be sure that you are taken care of, but you would only sense that on rare occasions. How would you […]

Will you smell the robot in the room? Might documentaries explore the situation of bioprinted human organ transplantations on the black market? Will virtual reality cause a worldwide obesity epidemic? The Medical Futurist shares the weirdest ideas about how healthcare might look a hundred years from now. Or even further down the road. Let’s peek into […]

Work environment has a massive impact on doctors’ empathy, focus, and overall performance. Although some factors are hard to change, such as the location of the medical practice, relationships with colleagues, the payment structure or the patient population, there are marvelous technological responses, which could ease the burden on physicians and help decrease stress. And […]

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Do You Have The Guts To Be Healthy? – The Thryve Microbiome Test Review

Few people know how important microorganisms living in our bodies are. They not only keep us company but influence our weight, our behavior, even our mood. The revolution in genetic testing also brought the era of microbiome testing upon us, which could help improve our digestive system as well as our overall health. There are already several companies, which offer you a microbiome test, Thryve is one of them. Let’s see how their test performed!

Bioethics Genomics

Would You Want To Know Whether You’re At Risk For Alzheimer’s?

Do genetic tests help prepare for potential future health issues or do they open Pandora’s box full of concerns, worries and hypochondriac thoughts? Would you want to know your genetic fate? Whether you are at risk for Alzheimer’s or a chronic disease 30 years in advance? Would you want to live with this kind of information? Would you take the BRCA test to find out that you are at risk for breast cancer? What would you do if you were? The Medical Futurist team contemplated situations requiring hard, life-altering decisions. What would you do?

Virtual Reality in Medicine

Virtual Reality Can Help Women Get Through Childbirth With Less Pain

Erin Martucci didn’t expect to be among the first women to experience virtual reality during childbirth, she just wanted to deliver her baby girl without epidural, narcotics or any other drugs for the labor pain. However, when her doctor, Ralph Anderson introduced her the equipment, the calming beach scene and the soothing audio giving her breathing instructions really helped her through the most difficult parts of labor. The Medical Futurist asked Martucci and Dr. Anderson what they think about the option of using VR for labor pain.

Future of Medicine Virtual Reality in Medicine

How Does Medical Virtual Reality Make Healthcare More Pleasant?

Medical virtual reality goes entirely against conventional beliefs about technology making healthcare less human, less empathetic and less caring. Virtual reality teaches empathy to med students, makes vaccination for children more sufferable, helps get rid of fears by treating phobias, relieves chronic pain or fulfills the last wishes of the dying.

Health Sensors & Trackers

How To Get Pregnant Faster? The Ava Fertility Tracker Review

The Ava fertility tracker offers a viable alternative to menstruation and fertility tracking apps as it promises accurate data measurement and a user-friendly solution for women trying to get pregnant. We tested the tracker and had an overall positive experience. Here’s our verdict.

Future of Medicine Healthcare Design

Ride-Hailing Platforms Could Solve The Problems of Transportation in Healthcare

Patients living in rural, suburban or urban areas with poor infrastructure often don’t have the proper means to get to the doctor’s appointment on time. In extreme cases, they could even wait for emergency situations so they can call an ambulance and receive care in a hospital. In the last months, both giant ridesharing companies, Uber and Lyft announced non-emergency medical transportation services, while start-ups, such as Circulation also promise to deal with the issue. Could smartphones and networked services solve transportation in healthcare?

Healthcare Policy

If Senators Don’t Understand Facebook, How Will They Make Sense of Digital Health?

Mark Zuckerberg’s testimonial in front of US lawmakers not only marks the significance of the data privacy scandal around Cambridge Analytica and Facebook but also shows how partially policy-makers understand the operation of that social media platform. If their notion about such a massive part of the technology world is so incomplete, what can we expect when artificial intelligence, bioterrorism, robotic arms, exoskeletons or other elements of digital health will be put on the table?