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Health Insurance

Getsafe Personalizes Insurance Through Digital Health

German InsurTech venture, Getsafe, launched its digital health insurance platform. In short, it lets users personalize health coverage on their smartphones.

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Technologies Change Health Insurance: The Most Innovative Ventures

The accumulation of medical data enables health insurance companies to move from the 100-year-old concept of reactive care to preventive medicine. The future points to simple, fast and highly personalized insurance plans based on information from the healthcare system and data from health sensors, wearables, and trackers. Here is the changing health insurance scene and its most innovative solutions!

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The Driverless Car Is a Great Opportunity for Healthcare

The latest developments in the car industry point towards the realization that within years we will travel by driverless cars everywhere. These automated vehicles also have a huge potential in revolutionizing healthcare. Let me show you how.

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The future of health insurance: Preparing for Dr. Big Brother

While futuristic technologies are becoming available in healthcare, patients often can’t access them and the cost of providing care continues to skyrocket. However, innovations such as artificial intelligence (AI) and health sensors are set to reshape how healthcare insurance works and by doing so bring much needed reforms to healthcare as a whole.