BlogMix: useful lists for scientists and a set of new blogs

Due to the bloody exam period, I forgot to share some interesting posts and blogs with you. This is the sixth edition of BlogMix where I try to show you the best of the medical-scientific blogosphere of the week.

Bora Zivkovik recently sent out this request after starting his position as Online Community Coordinator at PLoS ONE. The fact that he actually got this job from recommendations on comments in his blog should be a wake-up call to people who still think social software is about teenage diaries.

Readers of this blog will be aware that I am experimenting with blogging as a mechanism of public outreach in science. This time, I want to try a different experiment. Specifically, I want to see how much good can come from a single blog post.

Today I presented my Web 2.0 talk to the Clinical IT group at work. As a handout, I created a page of all links to sites mentioned in the talk. Here they are for a more general audience. These a just examples of web 2.0 websites, not intended to be a comprehensive list.

Here’s an exclusive look at the first, and only, electronic medical record (EMR) compatible with the infamous iPhone.

PLoS Computational Biology have a great ten simple rule series covering everything from how to make a good oral presentation, to how to select a postdoctoral position. These lists is a must for every scientist.

At last, here are some interesting and valuable blogs that I’ve recently discovered:

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