BlogMix: the weekly best of the blogosphere

This is the second edition of BlogMix (don’t forget about the 8th and upcoming edition of Gene Genie at Eye on DNA this weekend) where I try to show you the best of the medical-scientific blogosphere:

There is no anonymity on the web. If you blog under a pseudonym, people will find out who you are if they really wanted to. So with that in mind, blog as if the whole world is reading and knowing who you are.

Admit it, you’re dying to get your hands on Watson’s genome, aren’t you? Who isn’t?! Yesterday James Watson was handed his sequenced genome on DVD from 454 Life Sciences.

Amazingly, according to the press release, the genome was sequenced over two months for $1 million. Incredible, considering the Human Genome Project took years and billions of dollars, and even Venter’s project took $300 million.

The annual RX Club Awards is considered to be the Oscars of pharmaceutical product advertising and promotion. It honors work in print, electronic media, and video in the service of healthcare.


Slides from a presentation by Patricia Anderson that help illustrate the usefulness of searching with MeSH.

Google Photos (currently named Picasa Web Albums) added Flash slideshows which can be embedded in web sites. This new feature is demonstrated with some of our procedure guides below.

And Communicating Science to the Public from Curious Cat Science and Engineering Blog:

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