BlogMix: the best posts of the week

Every Saturday from now, I’m going to collect all the best posts of the medical and genetic blogosphere. In this first issue, I focus on personalized genetics and web 2.0 (it’s a surprise, isn’t it?).

The Genetic Genealogist produced a fantastic series of posts about the $1000 genome:

Kudos to Blaine Bettinger!

Then don’t miss A thesaurus, wikis and text mining post at business|bytes|genes|molecules.

The goal of the project is to discover relationships and associations and eventually therapeutic mechanisms. The hope is to bring as many as 20,000 bioinformaticians and researchers into the project. From where I stand, just limiting the proposal to a relationship-oriented wiki might be too narrow.

LifeHack provides a list of the features of

The community of allows you to find some of the best resources on the Internet without having to trudge through all of the junk.


And two writings of Walter at

At last, my interview with Steven Murphy has been published at Reuters! 🙂

That’s why I’m proud to be a member at!

See you next Saturday with BlogMix…