BlogMix: Cyborgs and Hardcore Genetics

After a successful endocrinology/nephrology exam (the next one is gynecology), I have to share the best blogposts I’ve read recently with you. This is the fourth edition of BlogMix where I try to show you the best of the medical-scientific blogosphere of the week.

10 ideas how to become a cyborg. I loved the 9th one: Refuse to Live with Your Genes… Should I really? I just love all of them!


Steven Murphy tells us why Forbes was wrong. An interesting and useful series of posts on the subject: part one, two, three, four

In yesterday’s speculation about chasing rare diseases with full human genome sequences, I completely ignored one major challenge: haplotyping.

Often, at least at the current stage of genetic genealogy, DNA sequencing does not reveal enough information to identify a person’s particular Y chromosome or mtDNA haplogroup. The example I will be using in this post is Haplogroup E.

DNA testing is a growing business in the Czech Republic. Genomac and Forensic DNA Service lead the pack and it hasn’t been a friendly competition.

I should write a post about DNA testing in Hungary.

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