Best Virtual World Ever: Innovation in Organizing Meetings

I’ve been organizing scientific events and medical conferences in the virtual realm of Second Life for years. Though it has some serious limitations.

  • If you don’t have IT experience, it will be quite hard to download and install it.
  • Costs a lot if you want to upload content.
  • Creating slideshows is a complicated and long process.

In the last couple of months, I’ve been a consultant for a Hungarian team that developed Visuland which should be a perfect alternative for Second Life:

  • Takes about 20-30 seconds to enter: You come up with the idea to organize an event and send the specific links to the potential attendants. They click on the link and get into your conference room in 20-30 seconds.
  • No need of installation and registration
  • Real-time voice communication
  • Real time video-streaming on virtual screens (you can stream your presentation plus your face via webcam at the same time)
  • Efficient presentation tool -> conferences, workshops, meetings
  • Editable posters and textures -> personalized rooms, advertisements
  • Any website, blog, forum can easily create its own virtual place
  • Public and private chat, transcript can be saved
  • Zero cost for not commercial users

Take a look at it yourself and see how fast you can enter Visuland. It has one major limitation, it only runs on Windows but will run on Macintosh as well in a few months.