A virtual consultation on World Heart Day!

As I mentioned before, I manage the social media presence of the biggest and most popular Hungarian Health portal, HáziPatika.com, and we have been working hard on a project that is just about to launch. On the 29th of September, between 16:00 and 18:00 Central European Time, two cardiologists will answer the questions of patients in the virtual world of Visuland.com. They will be able to enter the virtual realm through this link. Basically we wanted to give readers and patients a chance to ask questions, meet specialists, meet fellow patients in a 3D environment that is very easy to handle. It might create a brand new feeling of belonging to a community where you can do everything except a real handshake. I hope they will like it!

A video about Visuland.com:

A video about how you can enter the virtual world:

I will certainly write here about the experience and the whole event. Stay tuned for more!