A miraculous blogstory: how to get 120,000 visitors in one day?

I tell you the story of my blog’s recent success. Since the start in November, I’ve been struggling to reach a number of readers of about 300 and 20 feedreaders. And then, on Thursday, before going to the cinema, I decided to submit one of my most successful posts (The youngest mother) on reddit.com to see how many users would come to my site. After coming home (the film, Blood Diamond was fantastic), I saw that 1,200 users clicked on that post from reddit. I was very content, then I went to sleep…

Next morning shock: 50,000 readers and the number was still growing! What happened? Somebody dugg my reddit post. It’s not a big deal as I’ve already dugg it in December but in the Health category. This time, this user dugg me in the Off-beat category (summary: 3892 diggs) and I finished the day with a splendid number of 118,000 readers and more than 6000 feedreaders. I got more than 40 links from 30 blogs in just one day. Scienceroll was the No. 1 at blogtopsites.com and rankingblogs.com. Take a look at my stat images. Ridiculous, aren’t they?

Wordpress statistics

Wordpress stats of my feedreaders

Sitemeter stats

My most visited posts

How and why did it happen to me?

  1. The most important point, I was lucky.
  2. I used reddit to popularize a successful, but old post of mine.
  3. I’ve been dugg at the best time, in the best category.

What could I do to make it happen again?

  1. If a medical blogger wants his/her words to reach a great audience, then he/she must write some kind of popular medicine related articles aside from the real medical, scientific ones.
  2. We have to popularize these articles.
  3. Sometimes just pick one of your old, but successful posts, clean and improve them with interesting videos, news and digg or submit it on reddit. (I did the same with my article Fighting cancer with video games and I’ve been mentioned in 3 blog carnivals – including Grand rounds and Mendel’s Garden – and several blogs such as Kevin, MD.)


  1. Even if I write mostly about medicine, hardcore clinical genetics and diseases, sometimes I have to provide interesting and weird content to get more readers.
  2. I must be more experienced about how to use web 2.0 tools to popularize medicine.
  3. And I still have to keep up the hard work, post every day and if possible, find treasures like the youngest mother.