Chapters of The Guide to the Future of Medicine: The Upcoming Book

I recently announced that I have been working on my new book, The Guide to the Future of Medicine, that will showcase the trends that shape the future and a guide about how to prepare for them for any stakeholders of healthcare from patients and medical professionals to policy makers. It will be released this August.

It has been a great experience so far interviewing about 70 global experts from different industries, world famous companies and organizations. I thought I would share the topics of some of the 25 trends therefore future readers could get a glimpse of what to see soon in the book:

  • Health Sensors In and Outside The Body
  • DIY Biotechnology
  • Advanced Robotics
  • Artificial Intelligence in Medical Decision Support
  • Hospitals of the Future
  • Nanotechnology
  • The 3D Printing Revolution
  • The Rise of Recreational Cyborgs
  • and many more!