My Interview On Forbes With John Nosta

I had a chance to give an interview to John Nosta, the leading thinker in digital health, who published the interview in his Forbes column. I was humbled by the title he gave to the interview: The STAT Ten: Dr. Bertalan Mesko, The Geek Who’s Changing The World.

STAT Ten is intended to give a voice to those in digital health. From those resonant voices in the headlines to quiet innovators and thinkers behind the scenes, it’s my intent to feature those individuals who are driving innovation–in both thought and deed. And while it’s not an exhaustive interview, STAT Ten asks 10 quick questions to give this individual a chance to be heard.

I’ve been a fan and friends with Berci for a long time. His voice is compelling and important. According to his Twitter profile, Bertalan Mesko, MD, PhD is a medical futurist, geek medical doctor with PhD in genomics, speaker, and book author.